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Virginia Poker Bill Given the Thumbs-Up

Virginia Poker Bill Given the Thumbs Up

A bill allowing poker tournaments in Virginia was given the green light by Senate this week with a sufficient number of votes in favor. As a result, albeit introduced only two weeks ago, the proposal seems likely to be moving to the full House for consideration.

If the bill gets approved, it will pave the way for granting poker the status of a game of skill rather than a game of luck, thus waiving the prohibition against it under the state’s illegal gambling legislation. Even so, given Virginia’s long track record of fierce opposition to gambling, it will still be a long way from allowing Las-Vegas-style casinos.

Furthermore, the bill provides for designating an authorized organization to hold charitable poker tournaments. In the case of Virginia, the regulatory bodies will be the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Charitable Gaming Board.

Even though it is still not clear whether the full Senate will give its nod to the proposal, the development has been hailed a success.