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US Online Poker Industry Could Net up to $2.2 Billion a Year

US Online Poker Industry Could Net up to 2.2 Billion a Year

If online poker were to become legal and regulated across the United States, it could be worth as much as $2.2 billion per year. At least, this is the prediction of Dr. Khalil Philander of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Dr Philander stated during an interview with CardPlayer that the online poker industry had the potential to reach much higher numbers than had been ever been recorded in the United States.

CardPlayer also asked Dr Philander about an estimation as to the size of the US market in terms of regulated, legal online poker and his words were "If there was a national network, my forecast was around $2.2 billion during the first year. That’s assuming there would be liquidity between all those players. If somehow Congress passed a bill or every state legalized it simultaneously on their own and had compacts".

When asked if he believed California would legalize online poker, Dr Philander replied saying he was doubtfull it would happen any time during 2014 and added, "but you never know".