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'€urop€an' Wins Sunday Million for $185,500

' urop an' Wins Sunday Million for 185 500

The summer is almost over and the major Sunday tournaments across the board are filling up again nicely. This means big prize pools and lots of players to compete for a prestigious title as well as a big boost to their bankrolls.

Pokerstars is the king of Sunday majors and hosts a wide variety of different tournaments which suits all types of players, but buy-in wise, but more importantly format wise. The two biggest tournaments however are the Sunday Warm Up $500K GTD and the Sunday Million $1,000,000 GTD, which attracts the biggest crowd, despite having a $215 buy-in.

In the "small" Sunday Warm up on Pokerstars, a total of 2,801 players paid the buy-in to compete for the total prize pool of $560,200. First place was supposed to be paid $88,232.17 while second place would pay $65,823.50, but as we reached the heads-up between 'jasven06' from India and 'only4joke' from Malta, the two made a deal to add $5,000 more to the second place money, taken from the first place money. After a heads-up duel, only4joke from Malta won the tournament and $83,343.58.

In the biggest Sunday tournament available online, Sunday Million, a massive 6,685 players paid $215 to try and win a share of the $1,337,000 up for grabs in the prize pool. After almost 12 hours of play, the two players left decided to make a deal, which would even out the first and second prize a little more.

Originally first place should have paid $203,357.70 and second place should have paid $150,412.50, but instead first ended up paying $185,500 to '€urop€an' from Finland, who won the Sunday Million, while 'sh4wshank' from Canada took home the second place and $168,270.20.

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