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UP to host UFC Hall of Fame

UP to host UFC Hall of Fame

Ultimate Poker is going to host an Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame poker game on November 15th which includes some popular names in the UFC world. The event will not pay out any cash prizes but will instead offer the winner bragging rights of being the best UFC Hall of Fame poker player.

The hosting venue will be the Las Vegas Red Rock Casino Resort and will feature such big names as Royce Gracie, Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Bruce Buffer and Forrest Griffin. The Ultimate Poker hosted Hall of Poker event will be on the same date as the UFC 20th anniversary.

Every player that night will also have a professional poker player as sponsor who will guide them and offer advise. The event, although lacking in violence, will be just as competitive as the cage fighting events showcast in UFC events.

Both Liddell and Griffin have participated in WSOP main events before and even though they have never accomplished much in terms of strategy or wins, just having participated in a poker event of that caliber, makes them a great addition to the Hall of Fame poker game.