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Hansen hits yet another downswing

Hansen hits yet another downswing

Well known professional poker player, Gus Hansen has experienced a lack of luck and has lost some big time money. The Danish player used to win big payouts before the Black Friday incidents but after that his luck has reached rock bottom.

In 2011, the player had a $6 million upswing and the world thought things could only get better for him. Nevertheless, on May 23rd Hansen lost $1.1 million to his opponents, including a relatively unknown player by the alias 'Cottonseed1' who cashed out most of those losses.

It is said that Gus Hansen has lost almost $10 million on FTP alone during his career as a pro poker player and just in the first half of 2013 his losses amoun to $3 million, making him the most unlucky player of the century. Hansen's first brush with fame came when he won the covetted WSOP bracelet a few years ago.

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