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University of Waterloo creates poker players

University of Waterloo creates poker players

Many former Waterloo University students have made a career and a living out of playing poker and some have even managed to make it to the international poker tournament stratosphere becoming stars in their own rights, winning up to millions of dollars in earnings.

Amongst these former students one can find reknowned names such as Mike Watson who has earned almost $7 million overall, Will Ma who taught a class in poker at MIT and the most famous of all, Xuan Liu who made headlines during the latest WPT series.

According to students of Waterloo University, there are several reasons for the university to churn out poker players and stars. To begin with, there are a large number of students majoring in mathematics or math-related subjects. Second, youth has become an important factor in the game and added to ambition it makes the perfect combination to earn big with little effort. Finally, boredom might be also a factor to consider. There is not much else to do in or near campus and poker has become a way to kill time.

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