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University Of Ottawa Offers Poker 101 Course

University Of Ottawa Offers Poker 101 Course

Tables are turning for poker. As the game is infamous for being the reason to drop out from college for many, soon students would be attending the college for the same. Despite being a fun game and a hard way to make a comfortable living, poker is also an excellent educational tool.

The University of Ottawa is offering a new course, "Probability and Games of Chance: Poker 101". The course aims at providing the students with knowledge from different fields of probability, psychology, history and game theory with games like Hold’em and Omaha as a conduit.

For those who know poker in slightest degree know, poker is far more than just cards and chips. The poker players on a general basis use principle of expected value have use beyond poker related calculations. It can be utilised in any virtual situation, where the variables are relatively easy to identify.

Another important thing that students can learn by playing poker is that variance exists in our lives and it affects every aspect of our life, with our control over it by a minimal degree.

Though the extent to which the students will be taught in Poker 101 at the University of Ottawa is not known, one thing is certain; it sure is a great educational tool.