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Ultimate Poker Postponing Launch of Two Street Hold'em

Ultimate Poker Postponing Launch of Two Street Hold'em

Ultimate Poker have postponed the upcoming launch of their new and innovative two street hold'em variant, not giving any new eta on the launch. The game which was created by Chris Danek, the poker product manager for UP, differentiates from regular hold'em by having only two betting rounds, pre-flop and post-flop. This means that players are dealt their hole cards and do the usual betting round and in the next betting round all of the three community cards are revealed for one last betting round.

Danek's vision for this special type of game is to create more action at the tables, hoping that players would fold less pre-flop and thus create a game with lots of action and large pots. While it in theory could work, the question is if players are interested in playing these games as it takes a large part of the skills out of the game.

Two street hold'em was tested with play money by UP last Monday and included some of the UP pros such as Brent Hanks and Jason Somerville. The test however must have encountered some problems since UP decided to postpone the launch.

The game was originally set to launch on UP's platform this weekend for testing, being available for four hours a day. However Danek tweeted out that it was being pushed until next week, which can be seen as bugs with the game or that they may still be undecided regarding towards what the ante's and format of the games should be.

Ultimate Poker currently have around 40% of the market shares in Nevada, despite having a 5 month head start over WSOP.com. In New Jersey UP is not doing as well as they could, as they are currently having less traffic than all of their other competitors. 

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