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Ultimate Poker players uneasy as Iovation verifies accounts

Ultimate Poker players uneasy as Iovation verifies accounts

When Ultimate Poker players received an error on the day of it's launch, they found out Iovation was being used to confim the players identities. It's also probable that Iovation is using online gambling scores as a way to ascertain an operator's risk. Nevada based Ultimate Pokers' partner, known as CAMS, is a user of this relationship too.

ieLogic derived software company, Iovation, became UltimateBet's software provider. Almost anyone in the online poker industry knows of a tool in UltimateBet software known as "God Mode" and that it allowed any player to see other players hole cards.

From all possible theories of why this was created appears to be that Russ Hamilton, involved in the Ultimate Bet cheating, and Iovation CEO, Greg Pierson, agreed to develop this God Mode and permit viewing players' cards in real time. It is also believed that Pierson was directly related of cheating.

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