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UK Advertising restrictions might send shock waves in poker in the country

UK Advertising restrictions might send shock waves in poker in the country

The recent wave of new restrictions has hit the UK gambling industry which might also impact the poker industry of Britain.

The restriction has been created by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in association with the UK Gambling Commission.

They have introduced new regulations to prevent casinos from exploiting the weaknesses of gambling addicts and vulnerable potential customers.

The new set of restrictions including avoiding advertisements playing on the susceptibilities, avoiding containing anything which might be considered as exploitative of vulnerable groups and banning the phrase 'bet now'.

It will thus also impact the way poker operators promote themselves. The poker operators often use lifestyle advertising to endorse themselves.

Now such advertisements would not be adhering to the new laws of restrictions which suggest not encouraging companies that might raise financial concerns.

The current changes suggest that the United Kingdom are looking forward to impose some strict regulations on the gambling industry to prevent its citizens from falling prey to the addiction of gambling.

In May 2018, the UK lawmakers argued that gambling operators should receive a treatment similar to the way tobacco companies are treated and their products should reach to the consumers with warnings about the potential harm they might cause.

However, for now the future of poker and gambling alike in UK remains hazy.