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Tyler Patterson Wins WSOP Event #48 for $270,992

Tyler Patterson Wins WSOP Event 48 for 270 992

The World Series of Poker Event #48, $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low has come to an end after three days of play, in a tournament where many famous players attended, but in the end none of them won the title. Instead Tyler Patterson could finally take home his very first WSOP bracelet, despite having more than 18 cashes for $1,2 million previously in the WSOP.

Event #48 attracted 991 players who wanted to play the special Omaha format, creating a prize pool of $1,337, 850 that would be split amongst those managing to finish in the money of the tournament. The final table was reached on day three, where 11 players started out but two quickly busted and we had a final table with prominent names such as Jeff Madsen, Scott Clements and Tom Schneider.

The final table was a good one, with loads of interesting set-ups and bluffs and it didn't take long before the first players were eliminated. One by one the players went out until we finally had a heads-up duel between two-time bracelet winner Scott Clements and Tyler Patterson. The two battled out against each other for a little over an hour before reaching what would be the final hand of the tournament.

At the time of the final hand, we are at level 26 in the tournament which means blinds of 25,000/50,000. Patterson has a 2:1 chiplead at this point of the tournament and in general the upper hand.

Clements limps from the button and Patterson pots to 150,000, with Clements calling. Flop comes King Clubs10 Diamonds2 Hearts and both players check. The turn showed a 7 Clubs and Clements bet 250,000, only to see himself being raised to 800,000 by Patterson. Clements thinks for a few moments before pushing the rest of his chips to the middle, Patterson quickly calls.

Clements showed: King Diamonds7 Diamonds6 Clubs3 Clubs

Patterson showed: Ace Spades9 Clubs8 Clubs3 Spades

The river showed 2 Clubs and Patterson hits the highest flush and wins the tournament, while Clements finishes in second place for 167,686. Patterson took home his very first WSOP bracelet in many tries as well as the first prize of $270,992. You can see the rest of the final table payouts below:

  1. Tyler Patterson -  $270,992
  2. Scott Clements - $167,686
  3. Cody Crawford - $104,914
  4. Jeff Madsen - $76,150
  5. Gary Kosakowski - $56,216
  6. Tom Schneider - $42,142
  7. Derek Raymond - $32,054
  8. J.R. Flournoy - $24,710
  9. Dylan Wilkerson - $19,305
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