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Twitter Jam - All The WSOP Final Table Tweets!

Twitter Jam All The WSOP Final Table Tweets

Well, it was a pretty big week in poker.  Sure, there was some online pokerments to keep us busy, and some million dollar swings at the virtual nosebleed seats but in the end, all eyes turned to the Rio in Las Vegas for the November 9 and the crowning of our new WSOP Main Event Champion!  I, for one, want to wish Ryan Riess  (@RyanRiess1) well and bid him even more (if that is possible) #RunGood in his term as poker’s Ambassador.   It was on heck of a battle…but he seemed to know it before hand:

@ESPNPoker’s Andrew “@AFeldmanESPN” Feldman caught a Vine of “The Beast” getting his bracelet – the most expensive piece of jewelry in all of sports – at a distance, and his face in the camera.

While we may be talking about his ego as much as the win in the coming weeks, nothing changes the fact that he took it down over a patient, undeterred Jay Farber (@Jay_Farber_LV.)  And hey, on top of winning over $5 million, Farber gave us #CombatPanda.

The Twitter fest was so…so…beautiful during the final table.  It almost overshadowed anything else this week.  I’ll be real selective about everything else, but now, you get a “best of” what I consider the #Hashtags of the #WSOPFT.


When he playfully danced in the upper deck, he was a cute ornament.  When he toasted Farber’s rail he was the life of the party.  When he drunkenly humped the handrail in the upper deck, he foreshadowed something ominous.  When (after apparently being offered $6k) he charged the stage, he temped greatness.  When he crashed at the feet of the WSOP Final Table and got tackled by security he became a poker legend for all the wrong reasons.  He is, the Combat Panda.

He may have been the ringleader of all the costumed shenanigans:

Before he rushed the final table…some other deviant behavior was noted:

Then, after creeping his way up to the stage without a pass, the dangerous costumed herbivore leapt into action…and faceplanted the stage.  Good thing @DanFleyshman had his camera ready:

In the end, the infamy was cemented and well…we all loved it.  If only it would have made the coverage!


We did not have to sit through a drawn out Phil Hellmuth entrance again this year (I guess that is one thing we can thank ‘Black Friday’ for) but it does not mean we got rid of the Brat.  The swami of #WhiteMagic was not at his best live on camera doing coverage at the breaks.  I really tried…but I couldn’t find a single positive tweet for you guys regarding this comments and/or commentating skills.  So…enjoy the mud slinging:

Podcasters hate it:

“The Kids” hate it:




The ‘OGs’ hate it:




Hell, even Cartoonists hate it:

But the worst?  The worst!?  When your fellow commenters hate it:


Can poker fans, pros and media hate anything more than Hellmuth-babble?  Well, yes.  Yes they can.  Based on the briefly explained ‘million hand database’, the pair of Hellmuth and Marianela were left with some very questionable graphics to back their less than stellar break-chatter.  Would that tilt purists and math based players?  Yes…yes it did.

We’ve jumped straight to all caps here. 

Subtle Nag.

Nice range analysis pie chart ESPN LOL

— Randal Flowers (@RandALLin) November 5, 2013

Flashback occurred…or did they?

The Math Purists Punished them:



We’ve just moved into ALL CAPS LAND NOW>>>



— Dani Stern (@TheRealAnsky) November 5, 2013


And well, it wasn’t done quite yet: 



Dear @Donnie_Peters, this would have been a perfect chart-on-chart response…but @phil_hellmuth did manage to pick up his 13th Bracelet…  Who am I kidding…this is still hilarious.  #EditTheEditor


When Loosli accidently (or purposely) put in a bit over a half sized raise while seeming to call against JC Tran…and then had KK…the Twitterverse exploded in accusations of angle shooting and contempt for those that would dare accuse the pride of France of underhanded play.  All in all, it was another day in the Twittershpere:

Magazines would not back off:

WSOP Bracelet Holder EFro (@efropoker) seemed to have an opinion:

Then, it just got lethal:

I hope that scarf strangles you frenchie

— Bob Futon (@BobFuton) November 5, 2013



"Angle Shooting, French Edition" by Sylvain Loosli #WSOP

— AlCantHang (@AlCantHang) November 5, 2013




In the end, of all the defenders, French media sensation BenjoDiMeo (@BenjoDiMeo) probably put together the most logical arguments…even if it was a bit snippy.  (He is French, after all.)



Possibly the best tweet of the night was during heads up but by the man that busted eighth. (For bonus points, go to the tweet and read the replies from poker’s illuminati.)

Side action usually isn’t…physical:

Kicked while down, or an excellent use of #Showered?

The guys @wickedchops love them some cleavage:

And Chris Hanson beat the ESPN coverage to this zinger:

And ESPN big wig and @30for30 co-creator @BillSimmons…turns out he’s a fan too.  And may have given Reiss a better (or stickier) nickname than “The Beast.”


In one of the greatest comebacks this poker reporter has ever seen, @chicagocards1 (Moshin Charania) came back from a 7:1 chip deficit to take down the WPT Paris main event.  The EPT Grand Final champion now has the second part of the triple crown and did it all in a relaxed, easy style…as seen here:

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