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TonyBet Takes €500,000 In WSOP Bets

TonyBet Takes 500 000 In WSOP Bets

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is underway and while the games at the tables are always quite interesting, TonyBet has found a way to make it even more interesting. They have created special WSOP bets, where the punters can place bets on head-to-heads and other special poker bets.

“It’s been a pretty crazy ride so far,” a TonyBet spokesperson said in an interview. “We’ve already collected more than half a million euros in WSOP bets and are expecting the numbers to grow in the upcoming week. Before the start of the World Series we’ve also seen a lot of action on poker bets as we were the only ones with such an expensive market.”

“The side bet action in major poker tournaments sometimes gets even bigger than the event itself, so we wanted to let everyone get the taste of what it’s like to be a part of the unseen side of WSOP”, the spokesperson said commenting on the World Series’ betting markets. “We have by far the biggest Main Event betting supply with all the big names including Negreanu, Helmuth, Mercier, Esfandiari, Selbst and others.”

You can find all the odds on the WSOP players in TonyBet, where you can place a bet on the head-to-head you believe is the strongest or who you think will surprise the most. The value can be good if you are following the live scene and know who has momentum.

“Betting on poker players especially in such a huge tournament as the Main Event always comes with a risk, as you never know if they’re going to play at all”, the TonyBet spokesperson explained. “We are ready for this and will return all bets if some of the players don’t show up. However, most of them just can’t afford to miss the most important game of the year and betting on their performance makes the event even more exciting”.