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Tommy Hang Wins WSOP Event #27 and Alex Bilokur Wins Event #28

Tommy Hang Wins WSOP Event 27 and Alex Bilokur Wins Event 28

Earlier today we saw the finish of two World Series of Poker events, first Event #27, $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. and then event #28, $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em. Both tournaments lasted a total of three playing days and saw a wide variety of players entering in the hopes of winning the big first prize and a golden bracelet.

Event #27 saw a total of 743 entries in the tournament, creating a total prize pool of $1,003,050 to be split amongst the players. Tommy Hang won Event #27 after beating Jim Collopy heads-up for the title. The final hand came in level 28 of the tournament, with the game being Hold'em.

Collopy raised from the small blind and got a call from Hang in the big blind. The dealer deals a flop that shows 9r8s3 and Collopy bets after being checked to, Hang raises but Collopy quickly re-raise him and gets a call. Turn shows 6h and Collopy bets and gets a call. River Tr and Hang put Collopy all-in for his last 15,000 chips, which he calls.

Collopy shows KhKs For a pair of kings

Hang shows: QhJk for a straight on the river

Collopy finishes in second place for $142,533 while Hang wins the golden bracelet and a massive $230,744 first prize.

In event #28 we saw Alex Bilokur come out on top and win the golden WSOP bracelet and a first prize of $398,567 after beating 160 players in the hold'em speciality. The tournament came to an end at level 27, where Bilokur battled with Matt O'Donnell heads up at the 206th hand of the tournament.

The two players came all-in on a flop that showed 9r2k8r, where O'Donnell shows AkQs and Bilokur shows QrJr. Turn was a 9s and river 7r, making Bilokur hit his flush draw and bust out O'Donnell from the tournament, who received $246,310 for his second place finish. 

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