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Tiger Woods Busts Mark Cuban At Charity Poker Tournament


Mark Cuban is one of the most famous people in the US, partially due to his great sense of business which has made him very wealthy, partially due to his ownership of the Dallas Mavericks and partially due to him being on hit series like Entourage.

Cuban, like many other rich people in the US, likes to play a bit of poker, so it is logical that he was hosting a poker tournament at his annual “Tiger Jam” fundraiser. The event was hosted last week and attracted many celebrities as well as pro poker players, including Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth as well as Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is not just a great golfer, he is also a good poker player, at least according to Cuban. Cuban posted a video on Instagram where he says that he is left dead-broke after playing Woods in the tournament. While we are sure that he means that he has been busted from the tournament, it is interesting to see that Woods has a passion for poker and seems to be quite good at it.

Maybe we will see Woods playing more poker tournaments in the future and perhaps it can spark some interest for the golf crowd to also start playing a little more poker.