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Third Largest Ever, WSOP 2017 Main Event

Third Largest Ever WSOP 2017 Main Event

Registrations to the main event of the World Series of Poker, 2017, the third largest event ever, closed on Sunday. A total of 7,221 players registered for the main event, creating a prize pool of $67,877,400.

$8,150,000 is set to be the top prize in the $10,000 buy-in tournament. With a min-cash pay worth $15,000 would be paid to 1,084 players. With each player beginning the event with 50,000 in chips, a record of an all-time high for the tournament, 361,050,000 million worth of chips was in play.

According to WSOP, there are 245,514 individual chips in play. 920 dealers dealt a total 1,626 decks of cards.

Of the 7,221 players participating from eighty-three countries, a total of 5,218 i.e. 72% came from the U.S and Canada is the second with 380 players.

96-year-old New Yorker, William Wachter was the oldest player in the event with the average age being 40.59. A total 2,998 players contributing to 41% were from 26-35 age bracket. 272 were female participants in the main event which was up from last year.

 The winner is going to be crowned on July 22 or 23.