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The US might reform its views on poker

The US might reform its views on poker

A bill was recently introduced to the House of Representatives in the United States which aimes to allow individual states and accredited Indian reservations to license and regulate internet poker.

The bill, officially named H.R. 2666 or commonly known as "The Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2013", was introduced by Texas republican representative Joe Barton, last week. It's still in its first steps towards becoming law but it has now been placed in a position where Congress will have to make a ruling about it.

The IPFA 2013 was introduced for debate soon after Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada passed laws to make online gambling legal inside their borders and the subsequent debut of the country's first ever legal and secure online poker room (

The bill could potentially pass in its current form which could mean online poker would explode within the USA in no time.