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The November Nine has been Found

The November Nine has been Found

The final table players at the World Series of Poker Main Event, also known as "November Nine", has been found as day seven has officially ended. A total of 27 players started the day with the hopes of becoming the next poker world champion and becoming $10 million richer, but now only nine players remains.

The first guy of the day to bust out of the tournament was Sean Dempsey, after a few minutes of play only, quickly followed by Brian Roberts. From there the players didn't bust out each other as fast anymore, but still played quite aggressively.

After around 12 hours of play on day seven, the final hand of the day arrived. We are at the bubble of the final table and this is absolutely the place that nobody wants to bust out on, not only due to the jump in payouts, but also because everyone wants to come back to November and be celebrated as one of the best players in the world.

Luis Velador pushed all his chips to the middle after Bruno Politano had raised to 900,000 from middle position. Politano folds to the push, but Mark Newhouse who called the initial raise also calls Velador's all-in after thinking for a few moments.

Velador shows: 4h4r

Newhouse shows: 5h5s

The dealer shows the community cards 6rAhAk3hAs and Newhouse wins the pot with the biggest full-house and Velador can see himself finish in 10th place in the WSOP main event and miss out on the final table and a potential pay jump upwards of $10 million. He did however get $565,193 for his seven days of efforts, which is not a bad score at all for the Mexican.

The November Nine will consist of these nine players, including their chipcounts:

  1. Jorryt van Hoof - 36,475,000
  2. Felix Stephensen - 32,870,000
  3. Andoni Larrabe - 23,050,000
  4. Dan Sindelar - 21,300,000
  5. William Pappaconstantinou - 18,500,000
  6. Mark Newhouse - 18,350,000
  7. William Tonking - 15,150,000
  8. Martin Jacobson - 15,000,000
  9. Bruno Politano - 13,125,000
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