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The Eagle Cup to return in October with its new edition

The Eagle Cup to return in October with its new edition

Global Poker has announced the return of the return of The Eagle Cup after having a successful inaugural run in 2017. It is one of the fastest growing site for US players and this time they are all set to embark on a new venture with SC$750,000 in guaranteed prizes over the 135-event series which includes a SC$5,000 opening free roll on September 30. It will run through Sunday, Oct. 21 and will conclude with SC$100,000 guaranteed main event.

 The winning candidate or the Eagle Cup winner takes home a Global Poker champions pack, along with the trophy.

And, the one who finishes in the top two in any event will be earning a seat into the Tournament of Champions, where the player will be awarded with a $5,000 live tournament prize package.

If you have been around poker players in the US then you have probably heard about Global Poker. After its launch, Global Poker has cement has cemented itself as one of the top 10 sites worldwide for player volume and one of the fastest growing site for the United States players.

People can enjoy both full ring and shorthanded games using digital currency $weeps Cash which offers stakes ranging from $0.02-$0.04 right up to $10-$20 in both Omaha and Texas hold'em. T

You can also go to Global Poker website and purchase a digital coin called Gold Coins and these can be used for entering ring games, sit and go's and tournaments.

They work similar to the money chips which could be accumulated them and use them in several games.