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The Children’s Wish poker event has tripled in it’s second year

The Children s Wish poker event has tripled in it s second year

For the second year running the Children’s Wish Poker Tournament managed a full house. The event was held at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino on Thursday night and exceeded all the hopes the expectations of its organizers.

Spokeswoman Elisha Jackson said to journalists that they were hoping to net about $50,000 from the evening of the tournament, but ended up walking away with close to $90,000, which was enough to grant nine wishes to seriously ill children in the region of Alberta, Canada.

She said the tournament had grown leaps and bounds since its first year. “With the first event you obviously have to start from somewhere and we had about 55 participants but this year we’ve brought in 150, so a tripling of the event from year one to year two is quite astonishing,” she said.

One of the big additions for this year was the presence of seven players from the Calgary Stampeders who come out to show their support and a several of them sold the jerseys off their backs for a $2,500 donations.