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The 'Biggest Bad Beat' Wins $1.1 Million Jackpot, first time in US history

The 'Biggest Bad Beat' Wins 1.1 Million Jackpot first time in US history

The losing player just turned lucky at the Motor City Casino in Detroit who made it large by hitting a 'bad beat jackpot'. A player called 'Scott', whose last name is still unknown hit a whopping jackpot of $1,068,590, which was triggered when a player's quad threes were beaten by quad Queens in the poker room. The losing player was able to take some consolation for his huge hand losing the pot when he was presented with a cheque of $427,452.52 which is 40%  of the total bad beat jackpot. The winner of the hand, 'Kenneth' added $213,712.76 which is 20 percent of the bad beat jackpot to the pot. The remaining 40 percent of the prize was shared between the other four players at the table who received $106,856.28 each. Moreover, they were playing six-handed at a ten-seat table which made the win even more significant.  

The player who suffers a 'Bad beat', is the one who is unlikely to win and loses to his opponent, but he hits a lucky card and takes the pot. The losing player gets 40 percent share of the jackpot, the winner takes home 20 percent, and the remaining 40 percent is shared by each other player on the table.

This was the biggest 'bad beat' jackpot in the history of the United States. It is a rare event in any poker room that a 'bad beat' comes even close to hitting $1 million. And, when the pot gets this big, card rooms get busier and people tend to flock to the nearest convenience store in droves when a lottery jackpot approaches $500 million. Last year in Canada, the hand loser hit a bad beat jackpot of $1.2 million at Playground Poker Club at Montreal. In 2011, actor James Woods scooped a $125,000 share of a $488,000 bad beat jackpot at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut when his straight. Woods said that his sole motive of sitting at the game at low-stakes was to chase the bad beat jackpot. This is the second huge bad beat jackpot to come into the spotlight this year. On 7th January, took home 27.5% of the share of the bounty.