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The 2016 World Series of Poker November Nine

The 2016 World Series of Poker November Nine

The 2016 World Series of Poker has almost come to an end. The last tournament that's still running is the $10,000 Main Event. 6,737 players dug deep in their pocket to participate in the tournament, and only nine players are left, all guaranteed $1 million. The play will return on October 30th, all players chase the $8 million first place money. A quick introduction to this year's November Nine, from fewest chips to chipleader.



9th in chips: Fernando Pons (6,150,000), Spain. Total live earnings: $10,589


8th in chips: Jerry Wong (10,175,000), USA. Total live earnings: $1,318,402


7th in chips: Griffin Benger (26,175,000), Canada. Total live earnings: $2,395,406


6th in chips: Vojtech Ruzicka (27,300,000), Czech Republic. Total live earnings: $1,149,027


5th in chips: Michael Ruane (31,600,000), USA. Total live earnings: $44,962


4th in chips: Kenny Hallaert (43,325,000), Belgium. Total live earnings: $2,317,530


3rd in chips: Gordon Vayo (49,375,000), USA. Total live earnings: $974,714


2nd in chips: Qui Nguyen (67,925,000), USA. Total live earnings: $9,029


1st in chips: Cliff Josephy (74,600,000), USA. Total live earnings: $2,641,620



The players will have some time to study the other players and prepare themselves for the most important sit 'n go of their lives, with millions of dollars on the line.