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Ted Forrest Wins WSOP Event #7 Beating Phil Hellmuth Heads Up

Ted Forrest Wins WSOP Event 7 Beating Phil Hellmuth Heads Up

The World Series of Poker Event #7 has been underway for the past couple of days, but just a few minutes ago it was finally over after a long heads up battle between the "poker brat" Phil Hellmuth and Ted Forrest. Event #7 was a $1,500 Seven-Card Razz where a massive 352 players bought in to play the unique variant.

The total prize pool ended up being $475,200, with $121,196 for first place, which Ted Forrest took home and won his 6th WSOP bracelet. One of Forrest's bracelet's was won back in 1993 also in Razz, so Hellmuth was aware that it was a good opponent he had heads up at the table.

Forrest was not one of the guys at the final table that you would notice the most, but instead he played it tight and just accumulated chips on a constant basis, adding to his stack at all times. He did have some bigger hands during the final table, but not nearly as many as Hellmuth who was hoping to win yet another bracelet and prove to the world that he is the best tournament player in the world.

The last hand of the day came at level 27 with blinds of 40,000/80,000 and a ante of 10,000. Hellmuth brought in with a Tx, Forrest completes and Hellmuth calls his last chips.

Hellmuth gets: 2x 7x / 3x 2x 10x Qx / Qx

Forrest gets: 3x 9x / 6x 7x Ax 6x / Ax

And Forrest hits a 9-7-6-3-A low, which beats Hellmuths Q-10-7-3-2 low.

And that was it, Forrest was the winner of WSOP Event #7 and $121,196 and his 6th WSOP Bracelet. After the tournament, Forrest was quick to send some appraisal towards Hellmut for playing good and being a good sport. Hellmuth was of course disappointed when he talked to the media, but also congratulated Forrest on his win and said that he deserved it.

Hellmuth got $  for his second place and the other final table players' payouts you can see below:


Place Player Prize
1st Ted Forrest $121,196
2nd Phil Hellmuth $74,848
3rd Greg Pappas $48,275
4th David Bach $34,979
5th Brock Parker $25,717
6th Brandon Cantu $19,183
7th Yuebin Guo $14,517
8th Kevin Iacofano $11,143



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