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Team U members quit Ultimate Poker

Team U members quit Ultimate Poker

Ultimate Poker has lost members to its Team U unit of professional and sponsored poker players. Last week, Team U members Tom Marchese and Randy Dorfman chose to quit the unit and leave their representation deals with the first ever legal poker site in the United States.

In June 2013, Dorfman and Ultimate Poker agreed to initiate a sponsorship deal. Other poker pro's also joined the company, amongst them Dan O'Brien, Phil Collins, Gavin Griffin and Lauren Kling. Randy Dorfman has won over $1.4 million in lifetime earnings and before becoming a pro he was a regular player on Ultimate Poker.

According to a post by Dorfman in his Facebook page: “I have resigned from Ultimate Poker as their Team Pro. At this point in my life there are more important and creative things for me to be involved with. To have your ideas and experiences from the game I love fall on deaf ears while you bust your ass to build a game for a new Company just was extremely frustrating to me. I wish UP the best and I hope things do turn around for them. I met some great people there and hopefully the chemistry between all involved gets straighten out soon.”

Randy Dorfman also revealed that colleague Tom Marchese had also opted out of Team U. Ultimate Poker has not yet given any official statement regarding the issue.