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Still no news on Ultimate Poker client update

Still no news on Ultimate Poker client update

Ultimate Poker players, critics and industry people have been eagerly awaiting for the release of the poker software's second version. There are great expectations about the new version of Ultimat Poker due mainly to 2 reasons: first of all Ultimate Poker has had a lot of media attention because it was the first ever legal online poker room to launch in the United States. This has naturally created a lot of attention and interest not only within the US but worldwide and especially in the onloine gaming industry.

The second and perhaps more pressing reason is that in the haste to launch first and ahead of its competitors, Ultimate Poker compromised the quality and number of features available in the poker client. The software used for the launch is very basic and lacking a great many functions and features that online poker players have come to expect and which are considered to be standard in any such program.

So far the launch of version 2 has been announced several times and has been delayed just as many. The last date of the supposed launch was late July but the date came and went without as much as a notification about the new delay.

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