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Steven Wolansky Wins WSOP Event #36 for $89,483

Steven Wolansky Wins WSOP Event 36 for 89 483

The World Series of Poker Event #36, $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball, has come to an end after three stressful days of playing for the players. A total of 241 players registered to battle it out against each other in the special poker variant and they created a total prize pool of $325,350 which would be split amongst those finishing in the money.

The final day, day three, saw only six players starting out of the 241 and the trend of players going out relatively fast continued throughout the day. It took only six hands of play before Samuel Touil was out from the final table and 13 hands later Orjan Skommo was send to the rail as well.

Eventually we reached the heads up duel, which was between Steven Wolansky and Joseph Cheong. The final hand of play that the two would play, came after 77 hands of final table play. We are at level 19 in the tournament, where blinds are 4,000/8,000 and the ante is 2,000.

Cheong raised to 24,000 from the button and decided to call an all-in from Wolansky who was in the big blind. Both players drew one card and then Cheong decided to stand pat with 107632. Wolansky showed his hand 8752 and the final card he picked up was a 9 and he made a lower hand than Cheong, denying him his first bracelet. Cheong went home with the second prize of $55,309, while Wolansky took home the gold WSOP bracelet and the first prize of $89,483, his first WSOP gold bracelet so far in his career.

Final table payouts:

  1. Steven Wolansky - $89,483
  2. Joseph Cheong - $55,309
  3. Max Kruse - $36,494
  4. Christopher Mecklin - $24,908
  5. Orjan Skommo - $17,445
  6. Samuel Touil - $12,529
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