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State of Texas still uncertain about the future of poker

State of Texas still uncertain about the future of poker

The administrative officials of Texas are still not sure about their stance of poker. The game of poker is told to have gained popularity from the state of Texas but the state is not friendly towards the players of poker, including Texas Hold'em.

Texas prohibited gambling years ago and it is illegal here since then. Underground games are quite popular among the Texas residents, the residents go and hit the casinos of their neighbouring states where they gamble and entertain themselves.

If one looks at the massive fields drawn by the World Series of Poker Circuit and the other tournament organizers at Choctaw and Win Star, both located just across the Oklahoma border, he would get to know that there are many people here who are willing to bet on poker.

So, clearly there is a market for casino in Texas, but as the people cross borders to play the game, state does not fetch any share of profits.

The Texas Penal Code defines three parameters that can exempt an activity from legally being considered as gambling. If the activity takes place in a private space and does not affect the public arena, it is legal. No one else apart from the winner shares the profit and the game is fair and transparent. The poker clubs need to ensure that operating rake-free games satisfy all of the above conditions.

According to the reporting of Tim Acosta, the poker clubs along the Texas coastal blend keeps opening  and closing as they continue to lobby local politicians and law enforcement.

As per his story, Rounders Poker Club and Kingdom's Poker Club opened their business after their founders invested a huge amount of money. A man poured in $70,000 but it faced scrutiny from law enforcement and subsequently it got closed.

Does, the issue comes down to the way local politicians and law enforcement views the club? Certain set of rules lack in Texas which makes operating poker clubs troublesome.