Friday, January 15, 2021 Contact us Offers odds on David "Chip" Reese to Win WSOP Main Event 2014 Offers odds on David Chip Reese to Win WSOP Main Event 2014

The World Series of Poker fever has arrived and with the first 13 or so events having found a winner, the larger events are about to come up and we will soon need to find a new world champion of poker. Every year the WSOP main event attracts all the biggest name pro's as well as a huge crowd of amateurs to the tournament, but this year it might also have attracted a ghost if one should believe the odds that provides on who will win the main event.

David Chip Reese Odds

As you can see in the picture, offers odds 751 on David Reese, also known as Chip Reese, as winner of the WSOP main event. The only problem with this is that Chip Reese unfortunately passed away back in 2007 in his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, where his friends and family stated that he was one of the best persons and poker players to ever live.

While it is probably simply just a mistake from's side, it is funny to see how they think the chances of Reese winning the main event is bigger than David Chiu and equal to Dan Harrington's despite Reese not being able to participate.