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South Africa Works on Online Poker Ban

South Africa Works on Online Poker Ban

According to a report by the South African Department of Trade and Industry looks to ban online poker. The richest country in Africa is one of the few with an actual online poker player base on the continent, and the speed at which its economy grows could’ve been a big success for poker to build on, but now this movement seems to be reversed.


The global expansion of online poker has been halted in many places as PokerStars decided to withdraw from many of the grey areas, but not many governments have acted against the popular card game. 


The National Gambling Policy Council is currently discussing a proposal and a group of high-ranking officials, but things are looking bleak for the South-Africans poker pros and fans of the game.


There are also some strong opponents of a ban, as the Democratic Alliance spokesman said, “That is a very, very bad decision. I fiercely disagree with that view. It is completely shortsighted to say that it is better for South Africans not to be allowed to gamble online when there is patently significant demand in the country to do that. It is for government to facilitate that in the safest way possible,” Geordin Hill-Lewis said.


The report further states that, “Provinces have the competence to issue licences and rely on gambling as a source of revenue, whereas national government is responsible for formulating the national policy framework.”


For now it remains unclear what’s going on with online poker in South Africa, but things aren’t looking too good.