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Slight Increase In September In Nevada’s Poker Rooms

By Patric Huemmerich

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has published the revenue for September and Nevada’s poker rooms have made a revenue of $8.44 million from cash games. This includes all live games as well as online play.

Compared to last years’ revenue it means an 1.5% increase. Nevada provides a total of 65 poker rooms with a total of 606 tables, 20 poker rooms and 280 tables are in the strip area in Las Vegas.

These are the revenue numbers of the year 2016 so far including the percentage of increase/decrease compared to 2015:

January: $9.5 million (2.85-percent decrease)
February: $8.98 million (5.44-percent increase)
March: $9.68 million (0.01-percent decrease)
April: $8.57 million (0.86-percent increase)
May: $8.88 million (13.92-percent decrease)
June: $16.14 million (1.88-percent increase)
July: $12.33 million (7.63-percent increase)
August: $8.24 million (3.23-percent decrease)
September: $8.44 million (1.47-percent increase)

There is a slight down-trend with $117.8 million made in 2016 until October 1st, while 2015 raked $118 million, 2014 $119.9 million and 2013 $123.9 million. The highest point was reached back in 2007 with $168 million.

Patric Huemmerich

Patric is a German writer and (live) reporter for iGaming.org. As a professional poker player he has a lot of insight into the industry. His goal is to bring his followers exclusive articles, interviews and stories in and around the poker world.