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Scott Blumstein Wins $8.1 Million By Becoming The WSOP 2017 Champion

Scott Blumstein Wins 8.1 Million By Becoming The WSOP 2017 Champion

Scott Blumstein, 25-year-old New Jersey resident who has a degree in accounting, has become the 2017 World Series of Poker Champion by winning the series’ marquee no-limit Texas Hold’em main event. He won US$8.1 million as the top prize.

Blumstein eliminated Daniel Ott to become the number one in the match. The final winning move from Blumstein was when he handed out an ace of hearts and a two of diamonds that turned out to be stronger than Ott’s, who went all in with an ace of diamond and an eight of diamonds. Ott earned US$4.7 million in the second position.

The two players reached the final table with seven other players after proving their skills over 7,200 other participants. The nine players played the game to finish it this summer, unlike the previous years when the players had to wait until November. The guaranteed prize was at least $1 million.

The final table saw men representing the United States, Argentina, France and Britain. Both the players played in the main event for the first time.

Blumstein along with the winning prize took along with him the white and yellow gold bracelet.