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Sam Soverel crowned 2019 Poker Master champion, Wins Purple Jacket

Sam Soverel crowned 2019 Poker Master champion Wins Purple Jacket

Sam Soverel became the player of the series at Poker Masters 2019 main event, earning $100,000 and securing the Purple Jacket. The event took place at Aria Las Vegas where Soverel gave an extraordinary performance, dominating the series, while cashing in seven out of the ten events. He bagged $1,396,800 throughout the series which is more than double the amount of any other competitor.

Soverel, after securing the jacket said in a statement, “It’s exciting to win. I just like being in action all the time and when you win you get to play the longest.”

This is the first time he has won the Purple Jacket while his other title came at Omaha event, where he scooped $340,000. Soverel accumulated a total of 1,610 Card Player of the Year points during the course of the tournament. In 2019, he has made a total of 21 final tables, with seven titles won along the way. As a result, he got the third position in the POY race standings, which are sponsored by Global Poker.

In further interview, while talking about squaring off against some of the top players of the poker tournament Soverel said, “ I’m glad I don’t feel like I’m at a big disadvantage when playing these guys whereas in the past I kind of felt like that.”

“I come from a cash background and I know  I didn’t study enough and understand things like the impact of the big blind ante, but I understand it a bit better now and I think that my live background helps e a lot in the rest of the game.” He added.