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Ryan Laplante wins the $565 Pot-Limit Omaha for $190,328

Ryan Laplante wins the 565 Pot Limit Omaha for 190 328

No less than 2,483 players registered for the twelfth event of the World Series of Poker. Only nine of them could return for the official final table, in the hunt of the bracelet and $190,328. In the end, it was Ryan Laplante who bested the rest and won his first bracelet.



The line-up for the official final table was as follows:




Seat 1

Tesfaldet Tekle

1.810.000 (22 bb)

Seat 2

Sean Shah

2.875.000 (35 bb)

Seat 3

Charles Coultas

1.385.000 (17 bb)

Seat 4

Ryan Laplante

1.105.000 (13 bb)

Seat 5

Grant Ellis

590.000 (7 bb)

Seat 6

Darryll Fish

1.050.000 (13 bb)

Seat 7

Matthew Livingston

855.000 (10 bb)

Seat 8

Richard St. Peter

1.555.000 (19 bb)

Seat 9

Adil Khan

1.215.000 (15 bb)


Grant Ellis was the first to leave; his were cracked by Laplante's . Shortly after Laplante was responsible for the knock-out of Darryll Fish, making a straight with against his .

The third knock-out was also thanks to Laplante, who sent Matthew Livingston home in seventh place.


After this it was Sean Shah who busted Adil Khan, who finished sixth for $35,353. Laplante decided he needed another knock-out and busted Charlie Coultas in fifth place.


Shah took the chiplead for a couple of orbits, but that didn't last for a long time, as Richard St. Peter's didn't stand a chance again'st Laplante's on . Laplante also managed to knock Tesfaldet Tekle out with aces, so he could start the heads-up with a 2:1 chip advantage against Sean Shah. In the final hand, all the chips went in on a flop of with Laplante being way in front, holding for middle pair and the nut flush draw. Shah held the , and after the turn and river were dealt, Ryan Laplante was the last man standing.


On Twitter, Ryan Laplante said: “Holy fuck. There are no words to describe how I feel right now. Cried so hard, still near tears as Im playing the Milly Maker.”


These were the results:





Ryan Laplante



Sean Shah



Tesfaldet Tekle



Richard St. Peter



Charles Coultas



Adil Khan



Matt Livingston



Darryll Fish



Grant Ellis