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Russian Player ‘CccpVodka’ Wins $1,000,000 Spin & Go

By Daniel Allermand

It’s not every day that a player wins a million dollars playing online poker for a few minutes, but none the less that was the case the other day when a Russian players called ‘CccpVodka’ won just that on Pokerstars, during their ‘Pokerstars Makes Millionaries’ promotion.

The player didn’t need long to win, as the match only took 355, or what is equal to just under six minutes of play. His competitors, ‘partalios’ from Greece and ‘shoLarr’ from Russia probably would have liked to win the million as well, but got a decent consolation prize of $100,000 each.

It’s not the first time that that a Russian hits it big in the Spin & Go’s, as the first millon dollar winner was also from Russia. Back then it was player ‘sss66666’ who took home the million, on January 12th, but he took a little longer to win it, as the match concluded after 13 minutes.

The Pokerstars promotion will continue for a few more weeks, with players having the chance to win $1,000,000 for $5 in buy-ins. There’s also other promotions running on Pokerstars now, where players can win buy-ins to tournaments as well as money through challenges. 

Daniel Allermand

Daniel Allermand is a freelance writer, with more than 4 years of experience in the industry as an operator, affiliate and poker player. Daniel has decided it was time to try and bring more coverage about the industry to the general public by writing articles about everything from poker to casino.