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Rumours of new poker bill by Reid

Rumours of new poker bill by Reid

Although the office of Senator Harry Reid hasn't made any official comments on the subject, a number of online news outlets inlcuding are reporting that Reid might be relaunching his bill to bring federal-regulated online poker to law while blocking other forms of online gambling.

The rumours are just that, speculation and unfounded, but the idea is that Harry Reid is looking to amend the Wire Act to ban all forms of online gambling and to make a single exception for poker, which is not really considered gambling but a game of skill.

On a related story, one of PokerNews' high-ranking editors has stated to have credible data showing that Sheldon Adelson will support Reid's bill adding weight to the project. This turns out to be a strange twist since it was Adelson who recently criticized the regulation by states of online gambling and especially poker. We'll wait for more information or confirmation of this data.

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