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Rounder poker movie to get a sequel

Rounder poker movie to get a sequel

Rounders, one of the most famous poker-related movies in the world, might be getting a reboot after 15 years. The internet is ablaze with chatter and rumours about a sequel and coming release of Rounders 2. The first Rounders movie was launched in 1998 and ushered in the golden era of online poker. Speculation has it that Rounders 2 could usher in a golden era of regulated online poker in the United States.

The original writing duo of Rounders, David Levien and Brian Koppelman, already have penned a script for the sequel but there are doubts that Rounders 2 will even live up to the expectations especially amongst the online poker community. The duo is also behind the latest poker movie Runer Runner which had some very negative reviews by poker players and behind many episodes of the TV show Tilt.

Perhaps the hardest part to accomplish with any sequel is getting all the original actors to get back together, and much harder even after 15 years. But it seems the main cast is actually interested in participating. Apparently Matt Damon has already agreed and Edward Norton has shown interest in the sequel.

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