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Roasted Pig and Poker Guys in Finley

Roasted Pig and Poker Guys in Finley

The summer is all set to be full of excitement and fun especially in the southern part of the world. What else do you want if you can have a pig roast and at the same time earn some bucks. Well, the recent news coming from the Down Under is that on coming May 6, the event of the Long Branch Bar and Grill in Finley will be organizing the 14th Annual Pig Roast and the Poker Run in order to raise some funds for the “Veterans Village” of the state. Now this is indeed a great step towards charity.

There are many initiatives that have been taken in order to help the people who do not have homes but are very special in a particular. Well, the person may be a war veteran who have been homeless since ages. The authority is planning to build some sort of communities for these homeless veterans. So, fly down to the city in order to help the veterans as the entry fee is also less. The entry fee for the event is just $20. You can take part with your own vehicles and be a part of the five-stop Poker run.



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