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Richest Poker tournament of Poker Industry leads by Bill Perkin

Richest Poker tournament of Poker Industry leads by Bill Perkin

Triton Million's first day has ended with its first leading stack holder who is a businessman named Bill Perkins heading into Day 2, While 18 players were eliminated in the field.

Perkins who is leading in the first day is a hedge fund manager from Houston, Texas who plays the occasional poker events and has earned estimated $3 million till now, finished his day with the big stack of 3,560,000 up from 1 million to start.

Perkins stated that he feels great and excited to be here, but he had card dead or flopped terribly, and he was frustrate all the time. 

"I was bitching, and I'm not gonna lie," he added.

Perkin was in a three-way pot with Elton Tsang and Bobby Baldwin, later Perkin led out, Baldwin raised, and Tsang did cold call raise. Perkin headed and came all in the top and both of his opponent called, where he found his dream spot by eliminating Tsang and leaving Baldwin in between the process.

Moreover, He added, "I was anxious somebody would have a flush draw," he said. "I dream of monsters under my bed, I'm one of those guys. But no one had a flush draw so, swoosh."

After three-bet, he shoved a blank turn, and he got the biggest pot of the tournament. In the end, the day of poker paid off with the chip-leading stack.