| On 6 years ago

Revenue Growth in New Jersey in July


New Jersey is by far the biggest regulated igaming market in the US, with more states still waiting to regulate both poker and casino for their citizens to enjoy. While New Jersey started out a lot better than Nevada and Delaware, there still isn’t ideal conditions in the state.

2015 has not been good for the revenues year-on-year and in June the state hit its lowest levels since it opened. July has made things slightly better, as the revenues increased 2.7% compared to June, reaching revenues of $1,890,000.

While the increase in revenues is a good sign, the revenues are still far from the levels of last year, as the number is still a 12.2% decrease in revenues year-on-year. The poker industry is full of swings and variance, but it seems that it cannot get a strong foothold anywhere, which is a problem when we see that the casino revenues continues to grow month-on-month.

While many believe that Pokerstars could be the saviour of online poker in the USA, it is not certain that it will be. While they do have the strongest brand and by far the most money to place on advertising, their name has still been slightly destroyed with the many negative campaigns against them.

Hopefully we will see poker in New Jersey bounce back soon, so that it can grow in the manner that it should and the US can finally have a state where the operators can survive offering poker games.