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Retired NYPD Sergeant Convicted For Running Underground Poker Games

Retired NYPD Sergeant Convicted For Running Underground Poker Games

Everyone who has been to a shady poker game somewhere in a basement or secret location knows that paranoia over if the police is going to bust the game is the least of worries. Usually the host will say he knows someone from the police who makes sure the game will not be busted, but most of us will usually also think that the guy is just talking out of his ass.

Now the New York Daily News can report that a retired NYPD Sergeant has been convicted for having run an illegal underground poker club in Staten Island. The poker room called “5th Street” not only allowed players to play cards, but also served alcohol and food to the players, while also charging rake for the games.

Due to the circumstances, the retired policeman can look forward to five years in prison if he gets the maximum sentence. He was caught during a probe that was launched back in 2011, where the NYPD was looking to catch criminals involved in the underground gambling environment of the city.

“You can’t just open a casino in a commercial building in Staten Island and dealing cards in an unlicensed gambling business is illegal,” Matthew Miller, Assistant Brooklyn Attorney said to the jury in the court room.

According to reports released, 5th Street raked several thousands every single day and while it’s very common with these underground poker clubs, the police will make an example out of 5th street due to the nature of the ownership.

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