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Real Gaming in Nevada Approved by Regulators to Move Ahead from Soft Launch

Real Gaming in Nevada Approved by Regulators to Move Ahead from Soft Launch

Real Gaming in Nevada has been approved by the state regulators to move ahead from their soft launch stage, allowing them to remove the soft launch logo from their website and becoming a fully launched service in the state of Nevada.


Real Gaming has been in soft launch since February, where the site was launched by South Point, joining other gaming sites such as UltimatePoker and WSOP. The site has been offering the same kind of games as WSOP and UltimatePoker cross most popular platforms such as iOS and Android.


The Gaming Control Board in Nevada held a meeting on Thursday where they made this decision, based on how things has been going so far with Real Gaming, their framework, security and everything else one could possibly imagine being important in a regulated market.


Now that Real Gaming can finally do an official launch, the company is expected to do bigger marketing efforts and attract new players, despite them having already done a lot to attract players to their platform this year.


It will be interesting if South Point and Real Gaming can take over any market shares and perhaps attract a new crowd to the Nevada online poker, since it has been struggling most of the year, except for the few months where the WSOP is in town. 

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