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Public Nomination Process Open Up For Poker Hall Of Fame

Public Nomination Process Open Up For Poker Hall Of Fame

The public nomination process for the Poker Hall of Fame has been opened up by The World Series of Poker and its parent company, Caesars Entertainment.

Fans can submit their nominee along with the brief explanation, out of all these nominees top 10 would be reviewed by the Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council. The members of Poker Hall of Fame members and blue-ribbon media panel will determine the class of 2017 from the list of nominees by casting their votes.

The initialisation is a 3 staged process where it starts with the public nomination, which is created to produce a list of finalists and a few well deserving nominees.

Usually the last standing nomination players are replaced with well deserving industry people but for now, the finalist voting will remain unchanged. Every voter would be eligible for casting up to 10 ballots for as many players the individual wants to nominate but can’t vote for a single player multiple times.

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