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Progressive Poker Jackpot hit at Quad Casino

Progressive Poker Jackpot hit at Quad Casino

Last week and for the fourth time since its launch in January, 102 players celebrated across Las Vegas poker rooms when the Mega Beat Progressive Poker Jackpot was hit for the first time at The Quad Resort & Casino. It was the result of an escalating Texas Hold'em hand between Micah Kreischer from Ohio and Omar Abu-Eid from Las Vegas.

Kreischer had pockets Jacks while his rival, King and Queen of clubs. When the community cards came out, (Jack, 9 and 2 all of which were clubs), Abu-Eid thought he had something and placed a $20 bet which was called in by Kreischer. The turn was up next and it was a 10 of clubs making Abu-Eid get a staight flush. Again, the player raised $95 more that were called by Kreischer. However, when it was the river's turn, and the Jack of diamonds came out, it gave Kirscher quad Jacks. Abu-Eid placed his chip stack into the pot and Kirscher did the same.

When it was time to show their cards, the room was impressed to see that Kreisher had won the hand. As the Mega Beat Progressive Poker Jackpot rewards anyone playing in any participating Caesars Entertainment poker room, 102 players split the $727,770 jackpot. Some players won up to $4,994 only for being at the casino at the right time.

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