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PPA urges players to push for legal online poker in New York

PPA urges players to push for legal online poker in New York

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has asked poker players to come in support for the legalization of online poker in New York. Pennsylvania has recently given the nod to online poker and became the fourth state to legalize internet gambling in the United States.

In an op-ed at, the vice president of the PPA Rich Muny wrote that players must come forward to convince the lawmakers to pass through an internet poker bill in New York in the coming months.

The state Senate voted for the bill 54-8 to legalize online poker in New York in June 2017 although, it did not hold a vote on the matter during the 2017 legislative calendar.

With Pennsylvania becoming the fourth state to legalize internet gambling, the focus now turns to New York which has been mulling its own legislation on the internet gambling, although the Assembly is yet to vote on the measure.

Muny said that the PPA is going to give everything for the cause. He emphasized that players must get involved in the Poker Daily Action Plan so that the lawmakers can hear from the poker community as a whole. He added that there remains much to convince the Assembly that poker websites will be good for consumers.

The Poker Daily Action Plan is a social media initiative of the PPA wherein it asks the New York State residents to support online poker.

Muny is confident that New York will soon be “back in play” for online poker players in a few months. However, he is unclear if there are enough Assembly members who take online poker legalization for an issue important to be addressed.

The Empire State passed a bill to legalize daily fantasy sports in 2017. So far, lawmakers in New York have not shown confidence to consider poker a game of skill or that internet gambling can benefit the state.