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Post Retirement, Bolt Likely To Spend More Time On Poker

Post Retirement Bolt Likely To Spend More Time On Poker

Usain Bolt after finishing third in his career’s last solo race would likely get more time to focus on his new poker career. Bolt confirmed in his interview that he is happy with his career and firm on his decision of retirement. The decision will give him more time to work on his partnership with PokerStars.

Bolt partnered with the online poker giant, PokerStars at the beginning of June and was involved with Kevin Hart in the ongoing promotion called #GameOn. Both the biggies are working together to add fun to poker again. The promotion is very much in line with the previous campaign #RaiseIt starring Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. Similarly, #GameOn will see the Bolt-Hart duo outdoing each other using variety of tricks.

The campaign would require each celebrity to think of a way to outwit their opponent and post about it on their social media channel. The challenge will go on to see a face-to-face battle of the two at the PokerStars Championship Bahamas. The aim is to engage people in masses with PokerStars and poker in general, seeing huge fan base followers of over 90 millions of the two on social media.

The campaign would also be an opportunity for Bolt with spare time in his pockets to be involved more in poker tournaments around the world.