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Portland Poker Rooms in Jeopardy in Oregon State

Portland Poker Rooms in Jeopardy in Oregon State

Portland currently has a thriving profitable poker industry.  It has 21 poker rooms within the city and surrounding county, but a new legislation, called HB 2190, that would prohibit Portland poker rooms was passed by a majority vote of 39-16. The current laws would be changed to state that “only social poker games can be played and that these need be operated and controlled by a charitable, fraternal or religious organisation.”

Opponents to for-profit poker rooms want to tighten laws on gaming regulations. Indian tribes in the state operate eight casinos which are losing about $10-$15 million per annum to the poker room industry. With stricter control on organisations offering poker events, these casinos will stand to regain their profits.

For now, the Portland poker scene is still existing but should the Oregon Senate come up with this legislation that has now been passed through the House, the future of Portland poker will be in jeopardy. 

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