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PokerVision Co-Produces Reality TV Show Featuring Poker Celebrities

PokerVision Co Produces Reality TV Show Featuring Poker Celebrities

PokerVision Network (PVN) has confirmed its participation in a reality TV project involving the renowned poker pros and Twitch celebrities Bill Perkins, Jeff Gross, and brothers Jaime and Matt Staples. The co-production will feature content from “Streamboat”, a live online poker marathon taking place from the Virgin Islands.

The Caribbean online poker tournament is also a fundraiser for the celebrity participants’ own charities. The superstars will be filmed playing on Bill Perkins’ luxury yacht.

PokerVision’s Director of Poker Programming Adam Schwartz has expressed excitement with the company’s new project.

The multi-platform network will stream live content from the Caribbean in the period March 22-28. It will be the first project of its kind for PVN whereby viewers will be able to tap into the emotion by following the celebrity players’ lifestyles through the network’s platform.

PokerVision Media, based in Calgary, Alberta, is a multi-platform entertainment company that provides a unique blend of poker, gaming and eSports content with state-of-the-art user interactivity.