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PokerStars returns $35,000 to hacked account owner

PokerStars returns 35 000 to hacked account owner

Doug "WGCRider" Polk is a high stakes player whose account at PokerStars had been hacked. The incident was widely reported on the TwoPlusTwo forum by Polk, indicating how exactly this could have happened and what the repercussions were. According to Polk, his laptop had been compromised somehow, allowing a remote controler to see his hole cards during high-stakes games. This all happened during last spring.

In a specific game on March 26th, a player with the username "Forbidden536" won almost $35,000 from Polk. It started on the lower $5/$10 NL tables but quickly the game moved up to $25/$50 and even higher to $50/$100. Polk realized something was wrong when his opponent had banerly any misses, calling out action flawlessly.

Polk then contacted PokerStars staff to look into the matter which resulted in the account of "Forbidden536" being frozen. Polk received an email stating "It does appear extremely likely that this player was able to see your hole cards during your recent playing session.”

Although Polk has no concrete evidence about who the hacker is, he suspects one Joshua Tyler, a friend of Dan Cates. He is an IT specialist who had been living at polk's apartment while he was away and it was after that stay that the hacking took place.