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PokerStars’ Q2 Poker Revenue Down By Over 5%

PokerStars Q2 Poker Revenue Down By Over 5%

The world’s largest online poker website in terms of players and revenue, the Star Group revealed its financial report for the second quarter that ended on June 30 on Wednesday. The report showed a year-over-year decline of 5.9%.

PokerStars, with the 70% of the worldwide online poker market control, announced a revenue of $202.9 million during the second quarter, down by 5.9%. The figures from the previous quarter showed a revenue of $218.7 million from the first quarter, this year, a gain of 1.1 % year-over-year.

According to Stars a total win of $89.6 million, up by 50.2% as compared to previous years in the second quarter was made from the company’s house-banked, casino-style games, which includes the online sportsbook.

The company made a quarterly earning of $305.3 million, up by 6.8% from $285.7 million made during the last year, same time.

Stars confirmed, “Quarterly Real-Money Active Uniques” (QAUs) for poker was around $2 million, down by 4 % compared year-over-year. According to Stars, the decrease was majorly attributed to the decline on the ‘Full Tilt’ sister site, its player pool was merged with PokerStars’ in 2016.