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PokerStars Expands Further, Gets Second Office in the Island of Man

PokerStars Expands Further Gets Second Office in the Island of Man

After its first office setup in 2005 in the Isle of Man, the most successful online poker brand- PokerStars has now its second office set up in Quay West building.

The expansion was sought after the Amaya Inc. owned, PokerStars decided on its expansion strategy into iGaming and sports betting market. This new office was set up to accommodate the increasing number of employees hired in the Isle of Man. With a seating capacity of 41 people, the office already has a staff of 20 people working there.

The company has been growing employee number as it seeks global opportunities to meet the growing demands and expectations of the hugely increasing player base. With an employee number of 5 people in 2005 working for PokerStar to going up significantly to 390 in 2017.

The brand is further seeking to recruit new people to the territory of the Island.

PokerStars has always been involved and supported various local events and causes and hence just doesn’t simply intend on investing in the addition of new staff.